Benefits of Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing TapeFinding a tape that is high quality and reliable to seal your boxes may be a harder task than most people realize. If you are a company or individual that is constantly needing to seal boxes than you may be well aware of this problem. Thankfully, offers a full line of reliable and high quality packing tape that will fit any and every need. Plus, they are a wholesale company so they are able to offer tape in bulk at prices that can’t be beat. is a branch from Cleveland Packing, Inc. Every since their start they have prided themselves in their ability to be able to provide their customers with the best packing products at rock bottom prices. Because they have distribution centers in Dallas, L.A., New York, Chicago, Greenville, and Cleveland they are able to provide fast and reliable service all over the United States. has excellent customer service and have served companies such as Costco, Wal*Mart, Coca-Cola, Ford, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service. Tape is just one of the many products that offers. And they aren’t in short supply. They start off their selection with their standard packing tape that comes in over 20 different varieties and ranges in thickness from 1.7-mil to 3.0mil. These tape rolls are high quality and fit standard tape rollers.

Other carton sealing tapes they offer are ones like their Colored Carton Sealing Tape. This tape is perfect when trying to keep shipments organized or helping identify different products. It comes in over 15 different varieties and 4 colors. The Printed Carton Sealing Tape is ideal when you need to put a message on the box such as Fragile or This Side Up. You can also customize this tape to say almost anything you need it too. One of the most popular brands of tape they sell is 3M. This specific brand of tape is one of the most used tapes in America and they offer 5 different grades ranging from 1.6-mil to 3.0 mil. The Ultra Clear Tape is perfect for when you need tape to remain unseen. This tape is so clear that it’s like it’s not even there. And if you’re looking for tape that can be used in extreme climates turn to either their Ultra-Sticky Rubber Adhesive or the Machine Length Hot Melt Adhesive tapes. is here for you and all your tape needs. Customer service representatives are standing by right now to help you with any questions you may have about ordering. So if you’re in the market for some high quality tape and an affordable price than go to’s website and see for yourself what they can do for you!


Best Types of Bubble Bags for Sale

Bubble BagsThe time to buy is now! has bubble bags for sale at prices that just can’t be beat! Their bags are perfect for candy, food, soap, and other gift items that you package and sell in your store or place of business. Offering their Low Price Guarantee, is able to beat out any other prices on the same wholesale cellophane bags, which leaves you with a high quality product and full and happy wallet! is an online wholesale retailer that is dedicated to providing customers with amazing packaging products. Their products range anywhere from bubble wraps to steel strapping tools, and are backed by their Low Price Guarantee! Ever since their start in 1998, they have been satisfying customers with their unsurpassed products, unbelievably low prices, and 5-star customer service!

No matter your bubble bags for sale needs, is here to help! They have several different wholesale bubble bag options that are sure to please. The first type of bubble bag sells is their Heavy Gauge bubble bag. This bag is heavy-duty, and is perfect for items requiring a little extra oomph in their packaging. It is transparent and high clarity, making the contents inside easily seen. This bag is perfect for food because it meets all the FDA and USDA requirements for food, and is even grease and moisture resistant. This bubble bag for sale comes in 2 different sizes, 3lb and 5lb, and is sold 1,000 per case.

Another option that offers is their Flat Light Gauge bubble bags for sale. This bag is ideal for food, candy, gifts, soap, and other items of that nature. It too is FDA and USDA food approved, and also provides great visibility thanks to its transparent and high clarity material. This bag comes in 5 different sizes Peanut, ¼ lb., ½ lb., 1lb, and 2lb. It too is sold by the case, with 1,000 bags included per case.

The final option that offers is their Gusseted bubble bags for sale. Like the Flat version, this bag meets all of the FDA and USDA requirements for food and is moisture and grease resistant. It is also transparent and high clarity, providing excellent visibility for the packages items. Unlike the Flat version, this Gusseted version is able to hold more thanks to its expanding sides. Making it perfect for bulkier items that need more room. This bag comes in 7 sizes ¼ lb., ½ lb., 1lb, 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, and 5lb. It also is sold 1,000 per case.

Prices on all of these wholesale bubble bags for sale will vary depending on the type, size and quantity of cases ordered. To find out more information on this product and pricing, go to Operators are also standing by ready to help you order your very own wholesale cellophane bags today!

Custom Moving Boxes for Sale at Great Prices!

Moving BoxesToday, everyone is so busy with their lives that they hardly find time to go shop and get things which are also hard to find in every other market. For all those people who move a lot, they find even less time to shop for such things and their basic need to pack their goods is always the moving boxes. But the problem is finding custom moving boxes for sale without taking the trouble to go for shopping and find the boxes of your choice. This is not only a requirement of those people who move a lot, but also a basic need of many business industries to pack their goods and products.

For a proper supply chain management, business industries need to make contracts or to purchase such things in large amounts. So again, the problem occurs where to find custom moving boxes for sale in such large amount with reasonable prices? For all these problems, was the first supplier who came into the online suppliers market and introduced their packaging and shipping services at wholesale prices. This was not only a surprising news for the people but also for the business industries, as they are providing their services to everyone, on daily basis, and are serving millions and billions of customers everyday.

They targeted a massive amount of customers, which includes the customers on larger scales like Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, Ford, Panasonic and many others, but also targeted the normal common people. They are not only providing the people with the moving boxes but also helping them out with every option of packaging and shipping. People can get gift boxes, food packaging, tapes and bubble wraps, and all other options which a person could require for the packaging purpose. Their packaging boxes are durable and much protected ones.

Due to their durability and reliability, people and business industries are putting their so much faith in these suppliers. They are making sure that the goods and products remain safe in their boxes, and they always give first priority to their customers. The only key to success in every business is to make the customers as first priority, and they are doing it well enough. They always strive hard to get the good feedback and 100 percent satisfaction level from their customers.

This is the reason whenever the question of “where are custom moving boxes for sale” arises in anyone’s mind – they always go for the, and not only for the moving boxes but for all types of boxes, packaging and shipping. Then they give the discounts to their regular customers and discounts on purchasing the products at one-time, which is their service with the name, discount Packaging and shipping supplies at wholesale prices. They are the solution for the people who remain worried about the safe delivery of their goods and for the safe packaging of their products. It is another problem if some damage during transit occurs, which can also be eliminated through proper means of shipping.

The Benefits of a Gusseted Poly Bag

Gusseted Poly BagPlastic packaging bags has become necessary in day-to-day life. People for every sort of baggage and packaging use them. They are used as valuable resources that provide a safe, convenient, and hygienic way to transport goods as they can be reused in many ways and later on, recycled into other products. A gusseted poly bag is used to store or carry a wide range of goods and bottled products like water, iced tea, cooking oil, alcohol, etc. We also have wet solids like snack foods, frozen foods, and etc. Plastic packaging bags protect things like food from germs and bacteria, which reduces wastage of food. They help keep the food fresh and protect it from contamination.

A gusseted poly bag is lightweight, making it easy to be transported and strong, thus making it more efficient. They are used for many different types of carrying or storage such as vegetables, medicines, newspapers, shopping, and gifting. Plastic packaging bags are available in different sizes. Again, plastic packaging bags are washable and can be reused – example is bottled plastic soda, which can be reused to store water. These bags are more weather friendly because they help protect the goods or products one is carrying.

Plastic packaging bags are often found in shopping markets. They are relatively low priced than cartons and boxes, thus more people give them out to their customers when they shop to their premises. Majority of the customers refer to a gusseted poly bag as less expensive compared to other bags, and more reliable for use in their lives. Plastic packaging bags is used in most cases since it’s suitable, affordable, and fit for use in various ways.

Plastic packaging bags are easy to find and its price is definitely low that it caters to everyone’s pocket. They are portable and carry a huge range of items in one place. It is convenient to carry around; it protects your items from any outside damage that may come from the environment.

Plastic packaging bags are used to carry meals and provide safe, convenient storage for a variety of foods. They are also referred to as a good storage method since liquid beverages can be stored safely even in fridges without struggle.

Plastic packaging bags are quicker to open e.g. sodas; packing it takes only a few seconds to handover to customers when in a hurry. Many consumers too find plastic bags more useful than any other carry bags. According to consumers, they found it useful because it helps them to carry goods in a very convenient manner and help them to preserve their stuff very safely. A gusseted poly bag can be used for carrying other goods like clothes, chips, and many others.

Unlike other bags, Gusseted Poly Bags are considered the best quality bag for carrying goods through the storage and protection they offer from harmful bacteria that might contaminate them. Therefore, using a gusseted poly bag is of great help to consumers.

The Benefits of Wholesale Packaging Supplies

Wholesale Packaging SuppliesAre you managing a small business? Or maybe thinking about starting one at home either for your homemade cookies, hand sewn sweaters, and stained glass badges, or for whatever reason. Out of all the elements included in a business no matter how big or small, there will always be giant differences, from the main aspects of the business to the target audience, to the shipping type and such. But even with these giant differences, businesses no matter what they are will still have similarities such as a common element of e-commerce and the drive to produce products for people who want and need them.

Besides these equally big similarities lays a smaller similarity in the form of packaging. Every business, no matter how tiny or how monumental, will have packaging for their products either in the form of virtual packaging or actual hard packaging. If you are just about to start and are looking for a really good deal, we have it at Packaging Supplies with our wide and broad range of packaging and shipping supplies at wholesale prices that are sure to do your starting or flourishing business a lot of good with the savings you can get.

What’s so good about wholesale?

What’s not good about wholesale? You get a huge bulk of the product you need and at a wholly affordable and discounted price. Packaging and shipping supplies at wholesale prices are a great deal to be made when you can find the right company (which is us) with the perfect mix between product quality and quantity versus cost.

Why should I get wholesale?

Some people are often intrigued and overwhelmed by the amount of product they can receive at one time with a whole sale purchase and ask why they should opt for this option when they can just order what they need little by little depending on demand. If you are just starting out with business, then you should start thinking long term. With packaging and shipping supplies at wholesale prices you will, in the long run, save a lot of time, money, and effort by having to order and re-order which means paying shipment fees over and over again.

These packaging and shipping supplies at wholesale prices are the greatest deals, as you will get extra savings and save a lot of time and effort without having to re-order. Also remember that eventually, all these products will be put to good use for the benefit of your business. Packaging and shipping supplies, of course, have no expiration date and can be stored and used whenever you need them. They will just be sitting there waiting for their turn to be sent and they will remain as a non-perishable item for ever.

If you’re going to start a business, then start it right with the option of packaging and shipping supplies at wholesale prices. This decision will set you out on the right foot and get the ball rolling with your business.

The Best Place to Get Wholesale Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene BagPeople move from one place to another and so do their possessions. Marketing professionals tend to pack their stuff and move it along with them around the globe, manufacturers seal it and deliver it to their clients, whereas we all wrap gifts and send it to our loved ones. Everything moves around, but only when it’s packed to avoid unwanted damage and unnecessary scratches. Packaging Supplies brings you a series of Polypropylene Bags solutions to secure your items when they are on the move. The company has excelled in providing Polypropylene Bags over a period of over 15 years. There are different kinds of options available that would suit your needs.

Kraft paper is the premier choice for Polypropylene Bags when it comes to parcel boxes, books, and heavy products to protect them against scratches. Apart from multiple uses of this, it is also used as an economic void fill in cases when it becomes important to get rid of empty spaces. The different types of Kraft paper could be categorized into standard, reinforced, poly coated, waxed, indented, and bogus. The paper is available in rolls and also in precut sheets.

For the comfortable use of the Polypropylene Bags products, we also have paper cutters and dispensers available that make cutting and wrapping easier than never before. There are three versions of it available, horizontal style, vertical style, and double-roll paper dispensers. With capacity of accommodating rolls up to 9” diameter, the horizontal style paper dispenser becomes handy when papers are to be cut quickly while standing on the counter or on the floor. The vertical version of the product is also helpful in similar conditions occupying minimal floor space. The double roll paper dispenser inherits all the advantages from the other two, with accommodation of two rolls as an additive.

There may be a case while wrapping up articles when you would be moving your home to other. Newspaper is eyed as the traditional option, which in fact later turns out to be a source of mess. Ink stains here and there may ruin expensive paintings while on the locomotion. We have a better Polypropylene Bags solution for you – the newsprint. Newsprint would be the option you would be searching for; our clean and unprinted newsprint paper for wrapping up your items with a supplementary use of void fill cushioning. Available in 50lbs bundles of precut sheets and rolls, it pertains the flexibility to fit into any ordinary dispenser.

The list goes on and on, it seems to never end. We have more than one Polypropylene Bags quick fix for your one bundling commodity. Pioneering in the industry for over a decade, we have designed more than 5000 popular supplies. We boast of a long and more importantly satisfied client list consisting of multinational firms. Most of the mailing and courier services organizations prefer our products due to great quality, on time delivery, and reasonable cost. If this is the first experience of yours with us, we believe that we would provide you the best packaging options at the best cost!

The Best Types of Silverware Boxes

Silverware BoxesIf you want your expensive and precious silverware items to be safe and protected for a very long time, then surely, silverware boxes can be the best solution for it. These boxes are best to store, organize, and protect your silverware pieces from rusting and from any other damages that can happen if you don’t place your silverware items safely in silverware boxes. These boxes are of great use if you want to enhance the durability of your silverware pieces.

These items can easily rust and sometimes, you do not use them for a long time, so it would be best if you place them safely in these silverware boxes until you need them again. You can find a wide variety of these boxes at different stores at different prices in different sizes. You can choose from a variety of well-made, durable, and affordable silverware boxes that are available in market for placing safely your silverware for a very long time. offers you a good variety of silverware boxes that are made to just fulfill your needs. Silverware Boxes at are available in different sizes, which just give you the choice to decide which one to buy according to the number of Silverware you have.

A best Silverware Box is one that is durable, affordable, and beautiful to look at. Silverware Boxes at are made according to your needs. These boxes are made of rigid chipboard, which makes it long lasting so that you can use it for a long period. These are covered with white swirl paper, which gives it a beautiful look. It is also very useful as silverware can rust easily and very quickly. In these boxes, you can store your items for years and without any loss.

Cardboard Shipping Boxes available at make it very easy to ship these silverware boxes. These Cardboard Shipping Boxes are best to ship any type of item whether it is large or small, as these boxes are sturdy and can be used for shipping any kind of does not only offer you silverware boxes but also gives you a wide variety of plastic food containers, gift boxes, poly bags, and a number of other items that are as useful as silverware boxes.

If you want to use your silverware for years and without any damage or want to place them safely for a very long period, then at can fulfill your wish as it is working to give its customers the satisfaction by manufacturing these items which are of great use and that is also on affordable rates.

If besides silverware boxes you need anything else like any kind of bag, food packaging items, and other kinds of boxes, you can as they are providing you almost everything. Keep your silverware items that you bought after paying so much money safe and if you want to make these items long lasting, use silverware boxes that are available at