Great Uses for Stretch Film Wrap

Stretch Film WrapColored stretch film has never been as important as it is today. It has its application in a variety of daily life things, and is still growing rapidly with each passing day. The top 5 uses for Stretch Film Wrap are as follows:

  1. Act as a lifesaver in space – Even NASA astronauts use colored stretch film on their space missions and it actually became a necessity in their astronaut’s kit bags after 1970. It also helps label their different inventory parts on the space shuttle!
  2. Used as a therapy for removing Warts – Yes, Stretch Film Wrap has been used to be applied as a therapy in removing the unwanted warts on the skin. It works magically and results are evident in 6 to 7 days when you remove the wart and soak the affected area into warm water.
  3. Preventing window glass breakage during storms – Putting up the Stretch Film Wrap across the window glass helps protect it from breakage during a storm. The hurricane season is the time when you should have Stretch Film Wrap stored in your house.
  4. An important item for the artists – Artists, not only in the past but also in the present day, uses Stretch Film Wrap in paintings to express themselves. It has become a much-loved art in making sculptures as well. The stretch film is used not only in art, but it has a variety of applications in actual things as an artistic thing. The most used example of Stretch Film Wrap in actual things has been to fashion wallets. According to a famous tape artist Todd Scott, he only believes in colored stretch film to make the best artistic work possible.
  5. Stretch Film Wrap as a hair removal item – While it is not necessarily recommended to use it for this, as it can be quite painful. Colored stretch film for several years has been used as a hair removal item. It probably isn’t the safest thing for hair removal, but it definitely is the most inexpensive method for hair removal.

Conclusively, the Stretch Film Wrap has proven itself as one of the most versatile items either at home, office, or any other commercial location. The colored stretch film being used as a domestic as well as a commercial item provides the most inexpensive solution for a lot of things.


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