Best Types of Bubble Bags for Sale

Bubble BagsThe time to buy is now! has bubble bags for sale at prices that just can’t be beat! Their bags are perfect for candy, food, soap, and other gift items that you package and sell in your store or place of business. Offering their Low Price Guarantee, is able to beat out any other prices on the same wholesale cellophane bags, which leaves you with a high quality product and full and happy wallet! is an online wholesale retailer that is dedicated to providing customers with amazing packaging products. Their products range anywhere from bubble wraps to steel strapping tools, and are backed by their Low Price Guarantee! Ever since their start in 1998, they have been satisfying customers with their unsurpassed products, unbelievably low prices, and 5-star customer service!

No matter your bubble bags for sale needs, is here to help! They have several different wholesale bubble bag options that are sure to please. The first type of bubble bag sells is their Heavy Gauge bubble bag. This bag is heavy-duty, and is perfect for items requiring a little extra oomph in their packaging. It is transparent and high clarity, making the contents inside easily seen. This bag is perfect for food because it meets all the FDA and USDA requirements for food, and is even grease and moisture resistant. This bubble bag for sale comes in 2 different sizes, 3lb and 5lb, and is sold 1,000 per case.

Another option that offers is their Flat Light Gauge bubble bags for sale. This bag is ideal for food, candy, gifts, soap, and other items of that nature. It too is FDA and USDA food approved, and also provides great visibility thanks to its transparent and high clarity material. This bag comes in 5 different sizes Peanut, ¼ lb., ½ lb., 1lb, and 2lb. It too is sold by the case, with 1,000 bags included per case.

The final option that offers is their Gusseted bubble bags for sale. Like the Flat version, this bag meets all of the FDA and USDA requirements for food and is moisture and grease resistant. It is also transparent and high clarity, providing excellent visibility for the packages items. Unlike the Flat version, this Gusseted version is able to hold more thanks to its expanding sides. Making it perfect for bulkier items that need more room. This bag comes in 7 sizes ¼ lb., ½ lb., 1lb, 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, and 5lb. It also is sold 1,000 per case.

Prices on all of these wholesale bubble bags for sale will vary depending on the type, size and quantity of cases ordered. To find out more information on this product and pricing, go to Operators are also standing by ready to help you order your very own wholesale cellophane bags today!


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