Best Types of Custom Apparel Boxes

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAClothing is an interesting concept for people when you think about it. We are the only mammal species that spend a significant amount of our resources on clothing ourselves with adoring cloths and fabrics. And when you think about it, it kind of seems silly if it weren’t for the fact that without clothes, we would see each other naked. Which in that case, causes tons of people to breath a sigh of relief that we do in fact take clothing seriously in human society.

However, with clothing comes the problem of storing, shipping, or gifting clothing to other people. This often times leaves individuals and companies looking for the best boxes that fit their needs, whether they are a big time clothing retailer, or an individual looking to gift an ugly sweater to their in-laws this holiday season. So sit back and learn a little bit about apparel boxes, and which ones may be the best for your particular situation.

First, you have the Brown (Kraft) Apparel Boxes. These are two pieces of cardboard with a top and bottom that are pretty standard for storing clothes. There is nothing fancy about them and they have a natural brown finish that effectively makes them look like a really nice cardboard box.

Now if you want to get fancy with it, you would go with the White (Matte Finish) Apparel Box. Why is this you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. This two-piece box is one of the more elegant apparel boxes that are perfect for higher end retailers or really trying to impress someone with the gift you are giving them. What is nice about the matte finished box is that it offers extra room to place a cloth or some other fabric that can help add protection and elegance to whatever piece of clothing you want to put into it.

Lastly, you have a black finished gloss apparel box. Now this is more for you upper end retailers, or if you want to really impress a special someone. It is a great quality box that comes with reinforced material and has been very popular in the past years for upscale clothing outlets. So if you’re looking for something to put that brooks brother suit, or sacks and fifth dress in, this is the apparel box that would work best for you!

Now you may be wondering where to get these boxes right? Well, there is a great place I have found that offers these different boxes and seems to have the best price over anybody else out there. The company is called Packaging Supplies, and you can visit them at Packaging Supplies. So go check them out to start your search for great apparel boxes today!


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